Performing artists are public individuals that usually or occasionally perform on stage or via media platforms. When showcasing their skills and talent, their major aim is to express their feelings and emotions, thereby entertaining and lecturing the audience. There are a number of performing arts and they vary in skill and how their talent is being displayed, they perform in large theatres, stages, opera houses, open air, circuses amongst others. Artists may include dancers, comedians, singers, actors etc.

The nature of these professions demand a high level of creative ability to harness public attention and promote individual skill.



It is normal for every human being to desire attention and interest. Artists are liable to coming in contact with noble and famous men in the course of their performances, and such an experience is what most people look forward to achieving. For artists that are yet to get to the top, all they need do is to be good at what they do, to achieve such aim.

Most artists feel pleasure and ease when performing if they take drugs before going on stage, and as such, most of them get addicted to drugs just to satisfy the requirement of the industry.


No man desires to be poor, everyone aspires to see themselves in top places and in positions which are meant for the wealthy. Recently, most movies that people often like to watch are about money, sex, war, drugs and the likes.
Such movies do require artists that are very skilled and will also require the vulnerability of artists to taking drugs and drinks, having public sex etc. The rate at which the movie sells determine how much the artists will be paid.


The pressure of being in front of a large audience is quite massive. Artists performing on stage could find it difficult to face a large crowd, some are too shy to face the audience, and some are afraid of messing up the whole performance. Artists commonly abuse unlawful substances to overcome such pressure and enhance confidence. The drugs help them to evade the reality that makes them incapacitated, and creates an artificial morale in them that helps to exhibit their talent.

When there is a persistent reason for them to keep taking those substances and partake in those acts, they end up getting addicted to them.


Quite a number of artists that we see in movies and on stage, are dependent on chemicals to do their acting, dancing, and singing. Artists who are struggling with addiction are usually faced with a number of difficulties, which causes them to encounter descent in their career.

To help an artist who is struggling with addiction, the first step is being able to identify and prove to such a person that he or she is an addict, this would be after it has been confirmed from your findings. Addicts tend to live their life with addiction as if it is their normal day-to-day activity.


In identifying addiction, there are some possible symptoms which serves as a pointer to detecting addiction, they include:

1. When the act is being kept secret from other persons
2. Deep thoughts, pale skin, and other adverse health conditions
3. Persistent practice of the act even when it becomes unaffordable
4. Anxiety and depression


Causes of such pointers and symptoms are important for effective treatment of addiction. Some possible causes of addiction are:

1. Pressure created at the sight of a large crowd before performance: Performing in front of a large crowd can be very tasking, due to the fear of being ridiculed and scoffed at in the event of experiencing lapses of any kind. A lot of artists prefer to use illicit drugs to get over the tension and build confidence to face the crowd.
2. Need for inspiration for creativity: For an artist to thrive in the entertainment industry, the level of creativity must be topnotch and outstanding. Artists finds it easier to forget all distractions, think fast, and maximize their creative ability when they take some substances, such as heroin, cocaine, opium etc.
3. Stress relief: The rigor involved in public performance is quite enormous to start with, so artists find it refreshing to use alcohol and other substances to relieve stress and regain energy. However, when such is being repeated persistently, it would result to addiction, because the body system will adapt to it and accept it as a norm or habit.


Artists are people with brilliant and astounding talents, such people are not to be left without help. The entertainment industry at large is commonly faced with the problem of addiction. To assist these people, advise them on visiting special rehabilitation programs on how they can overcome addiction.

They could also visit experienced therapists who have vast intellectual understanding as regards addictions. They offer personalized and confidentiality care in order to keep the artist’s image private and provide cure for addiction.



The word “artist” could be used to mean a person that is engaged in the activity of practicing and creating an art, usually visual arts such as, drawing, painting and sketching. The word could also be used to refer to a public stage performer, who has a creative capability and is skilled in drama, music, dance and other public performance skills.

The aspect of performing arts will be the point of emphasis for this discussion. Artists who partake in performing arts are usually referred to as “public performers”. They include dancers, actors, musicians, comedians, magicians, singers and circus artists.


Addiction is a psychological disorder that is commonly characterized by obsessive and compulsive attraction in order to engage in a particular activity, whether that outcome be good or bad. It could be both physical and imaginary. Some common addiction in our today’s society are substance addition, sex, gambling, fantasizing, partying, sleeping, gossip etc.

To be clear, these activities could be practiced without being addicted to them, the addiction only comes in when people do them often till it becomes a habit. Addiction does not necessarily have to be “negative” as the society paints it to be, everyone is addicted to one thing or the other; with the end-result being a negative or positive consequence.


Artists often get addicted to a number of things due to the nature of their job. Public performers like actors and actresses, may often get addicted to taking alcohol, sniffing cocaine, taking tobacco probably due to the role they have to take in a movie or for personal pleasure. They can also get exposed to having unprotected sex in some of their films, not necessarily because they want to, but they have to do it to play that particular role.

If you are a music artist, getting drunk at night shows is not really avoidable. Friends and fans want you to hit the street and show the people what you can offer, you could feel that taking some alcohol and a little cigarette will do. Truly, it will work and you will end up impressing your fans, however in the long-run, you may become addicted to drinking and smoking because you have to please your people.

Dancers often feel that when they take some hot drinks, they will become very hyperactive and develop a kind of energy boost that will help them perform some stunts and some dance steps. Most times, the addicted artist does not just get addicted for just no reason, they often have to do them to please their audience and thrive as an artist.


Abuse of substance is commonly known as drug abuse. Drug abuse is the act of taking drugs without the required recommendation or prescription for a medical specialist (usually a doctor). When drugs are purchased from pharmacies or other stores that offer the sale of drugs, and such drug is taken without the proper description on how it is to be used, such act is referred to as drug abuse.

Substance abuse could also be in form of taking illegal drugs. Illegal drugs are medications that are not registered and certified by the relevant regulatory bodies, and as such, it is dangerous to take such drugs because they could be harmful to the body. Illegal drugs could also not be harmful depending on the manufacturer’s intent, but it is not advisable to make use of them, because they are not tested and trusted by the health regulatory bodies of the country.


Artists are public performers, talented and proficient in different skills which they utilize in making money. They are individuals who partake in performing arts such as comedy, acting, singing, dancing, spoken words and the likes.

Artists are often creative in their activities in order to ensure that they catch the attention of their audience and also make them impressed and happy. Recently, some artists usually go as far as taking drugs and alcohol in the quest of seeking inspiration and motivation for creativity.


The profession deals with creative work and as such, it is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. A lot of artists turn to cocaine, alcohol, marijuana and other substances to deal with keeping up with the world’s standard of the entertainment and coming up with other creative performances to wow their viewers. In the real sense, drugs do not directly foster creativity or trigger the creative ability in a person, it only affects some factors that promotes creativity.

Neuroscientists, in their findings discover that there is no direct linkage between substance addiction and creativity, creativity is only propelled by some factors that could also be triggered by drugs. These factors that promotes creativity are called neurotransmitters, they are signals that detects pleasure and reward.

They observed and believe that addicts usually suffer weak pleasure, which leads them to seek more pleasure via non-natural means such as taking drugs that will make them psychoactive. Substance abuse for artists could also be due to the cliques they find themselves with, considering the nature of their job.


Addiction is a serious problem that does not discriminate and does not happen with respect to age, income, looks, social standing or other factors. Addiction is an abnormal reconfiguration of the human mental capacity, which occurs as a result of regular reoccurrence of a particular activity. It is a state of being physically or psychologically attracted to a continuous practice of a particular act.

It might be quite difficult to detect when a person has an addiction, because addicts often make it secret especially when it is a shameful one. Sometimes, people also do have addictions that they do not know about, they only do them as if they are the normal daily activities that are expected to be done.


Artists are professional individuals that are skilled in performing arts such as dancing, singing, acting and the likes. Addictions that are common among artists are sex, drugs, alcohol and others, for different reasons as the profession may require. The profession of an artist requires rapt creative capability and a lot of self-confidence, which could be gotten from drugs and alcohol when taking.

Substances like heroin, tobacco, cocaine that actors take for personal and professional reasons, some take them to cool off stress after a tedious day at work, others take them to get over anxiety, pressure and low self-esteem. Artists often abuse illegal drugs by making use of them to enhance their mental support, reduce stress and pressure, and also to boost confidence to aid performance.


Psychoactive substances are made up of some chemical substances that are meant for overstimulation of the brain’s reward system, which will lead to hyperactive effects that will disrupt the individual’s normal inspiration, emotions, pleasure, and motivation.

Artists are ordinarily addicted to some commonly abused illicit drugs such as tobacco, cocaine, heroin, opium, ecstasy, and abuse of some prescription drugs also occurs. Addiction to these drugs have caused artists some side effects which includes:

1. Erectile dysfunction in men, usually due to heart diseases
2. Kidney and liver diseases
3. Menstrual problems in women
4. Weakness in the muscular and skeletal system
5. Immense difficulty in breathing, which usually leads to asthma
6. Incessant sweating, itching and constipation
7. Heart failure

A lot of artists have died being addicted to some of these substances which could be avoided only if artists can go natural with their performances.