Abuse of substance is commonly known as drug abuse. Drug abuse is the act of taking drugs without the required recommendation or prescription for a medical specialist (usually a doctor). When drugs are purchased from pharmacies or other stores that offer the sale of drugs, and such drug is taken without the proper description on how it is to be used, such act is referred to as drug abuse.

Substance abuse could also be in form of taking illegal drugs. Illegal drugs are medications that are not registered and certified by the relevant regulatory bodies, and as such, it is dangerous to take such drugs because they could be harmful to the body. Illegal drugs could also not be harmful depending on the manufacturer’s intent, but it is not advisable to make use of them, because they are not tested and trusted by the health regulatory bodies of the country.


Artists are public performers, talented and proficient in different skills which they utilize in making money. They are individuals who partake in performing arts such as comedy, acting, singing, dancing, spoken words and the likes.

Artists are often creative in their activities in order to ensure that they catch the attention of their audience and also make them impressed and happy. Recently, some artists usually go as far as taking drugs and alcohol in the quest of seeking inspiration and motivation for creativity.


The profession deals with creative work and as such, it is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. A lot of artists turn to cocaine, alcohol, marijuana and other substances to deal with keeping up with the world’s standard of the entertainment and coming up with other creative performances to wow their viewers. In the real sense, drugs do not directly foster creativity or trigger the creative ability in a person, it only affects some factors that promotes creativity.

Neuroscientists, in their findings discover that there is no direct linkage between substance addiction and creativity, creativity is only propelled by some factors that could also be triggered by drugs. These factors that promotes creativity are called neurotransmitters, they are signals that detects pleasure and reward.

They observed and believe that addicts usually suffer weak pleasure, which leads them to seek more pleasure via non-natural means such as taking drugs that will make them psychoactive. Substance abuse for artists could also be due to the cliques they find themselves with, considering the nature of their job.

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