Addiction is a serious problem that does not discriminate and does not happen with respect to age, income, looks, social standing or other factors. Addiction is an abnormal reconfiguration of the human mental capacity, which occurs as a result of regular reoccurrence of a particular activity. It is a state of being physically or psychologically attracted to a continuous practice of a particular act.

It might be quite difficult to detect when a person has an addiction, because addicts often make it secret especially when it is a shameful one. Sometimes, people also do have addictions that they do not know about, they only do them as if they are the normal daily activities that are expected to be done.


Artists are professional individuals that are skilled in performing arts such as dancing, singing, acting and the likes. Addictions that are common among artists are sex, drugs, alcohol and others, for different reasons as the profession may require. The profession of an artist requires rapt creative capability and a lot of self-confidence, which could be gotten from drugs and alcohol when taking.

Substances like heroin, tobacco, cocaine that actors take for personal and professional reasons, some take them to cool off stress after a tedious day at work, others take them to get over anxiety, pressure and low self-esteem. Artists often abuse illegal drugs by making use of them to enhance their mental support, reduce stress and pressure, and also to boost confidence to aid performance.


Psychoactive substances are made up of some chemical substances that are meant for overstimulation of the brain’s reward system, which will lead to hyperactive effects that will disrupt the individual’s normal inspiration, emotions, pleasure, and motivation.

Artists are ordinarily addicted to some commonly abused illicit drugs such as tobacco, cocaine, heroin, opium, ecstasy, and abuse of some prescription drugs also occurs. Addiction to these drugs have caused artists some side effects which includes:

1. Erectile dysfunction in men, usually due to heart diseases
2. Kidney and liver diseases
3. Menstrual problems in women
4. Weakness in the muscular and skeletal system
5. Immense difficulty in breathing, which usually leads to asthma
6. Incessant sweating, itching and constipation
7. Heart failure

A lot of artists have died being addicted to some of these substances which could be avoided only if artists can go natural with their performances.

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