The word “artist” could be used to mean a person that is engaged in the activity of practicing and creating an art, usually visual arts such as, drawing, painting and sketching. The word could also be used to refer to a public stage performer, who has a creative capability and is skilled in drama, music, dance and other public performance skills.

The aspect of performing arts will be the point of emphasis for this discussion. Artists who partake in performing arts are usually referred to as “public performers”. They include dancers, actors, musicians, comedians, magicians, singers and circus artists.


Addiction is a psychological disorder that is commonly characterized by obsessive and compulsive attraction in order to engage in a particular activity, whether that outcome be good or bad. It could be both physical and imaginary. Some common addiction in our today’s society are substance addition, sex, gambling, fantasizing, partying, sleeping, gossip etc.

To be clear, these activities could be practiced without being addicted to them, the addiction only comes in when people do them often till it becomes a habit. Addiction does not necessarily have to be “negative” as the society paints it to be, everyone is addicted to one thing or the other; with the end-result being a negative or positive consequence.


Artists often get addicted to a number of things due to the nature of their job. Public performers like actors and actresses, may often get addicted to taking alcohol, sniffing cocaine, taking tobacco probably due to the role they have to take in a movie or for personal pleasure. They can also get exposed to having unprotected sex in some of their films, not necessarily because they want to, but they have to do it to play that particular role.

If you are a music artist, getting drunk at night shows is not really avoidable. Friends and fans want you to hit the street and show the people what you can offer, you could feel that taking some alcohol and a little cigarette will do. Truly, it will work and you will end up impressing your fans, however in the long-run, you may become addicted to drinking and smoking because you have to please your people.

Dancers often feel that when they take some hot drinks, they will become very hyperactive and develop a kind of energy boost that will help them perform some stunts and some dance steps. Most times, the addicted artist does not just get addicted for just no reason, they often have to do them to please their audience and thrive as an artist.

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