How Artists can live a Healthy Life Free of Stress and Addiction

The life of an artist comes with its peculiarities, part of which is stress on all fronts. Every profession comes with its own peculiar problems however, one peculiar problem an artist faces is the tendency of addiction troubles. Artists live a life filled with pomp and pageantry, partying, and drinking.

For regular people, living lives devoid of lot of partying and drinking could be quite usual. Artists have it different, it is a herculean task to avoid these events. Even though these events may contribute to their stress, it is a workplace hazard for them.

Let us talk about some of the ways an artist can live a healthy life and not be under stress.

  •   Cut down on the Parties: To begin with, parties are the largest hubs of drugs and alcohol overuse. If an artist is going to cut down on their use of drugs and alcohol, they need to consciously do away with partying. Go to parties only when there is a necessity for you.

Some artists love to party under the guise of easing stress, this is ironic. Such artists should take up other less stressful activities like sleeping to ease up stress.

  • Tell them You Don’t Drink: If you face difficulty staying sober, you could pass simple instructions to your management team and people around you. The instruction is as simple as “I don’t drink”, “keep alcohol away from me”, “I don’t do drugs”, etc. Since you are their employer, they have an obligation to obey your instruction.

This instruction is a way to reduce temptation around you. If you are performing at a place or attending an event, your agent should extend the instruction.

Staying sober as an artist is a personal choice, it will require your personal devotion to the commitment. In this article, there are practical steps you can take to help reduce the likelihood. However, everything comes down to your personal conviction.  

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