How to Spot an Addicted Artist

Substance addiction has become quite a societal epidemic in the last 50 years; its effect has become visible in almost every sphere of society.

One part of society that has had its fair share of addiction is the entertainment industry. Artists live their lives in the public eye most times, hence when they face challenges, it becomes public knowledge.

Why do so many artists become addicts? Popular opinion has it that artists should be model citizens in society, leaving these artists in the eye of the storm.

Many times artists cave into the pressure to be who they are not, and it messes up their mental health. They turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, etc., to help them ease the pressure of living up to the hype of their status.

In this article, we will check out some ways to spot an artist who faces addiction troubles.

  • Always Having the Need to Use Substances: The world of an artist is wrapped up in a lot of partying and drinking. There are a lot of drugs and alcohol at these parties, and the artists are exposed to these substances. However, when the artist becomes dependent on these substances, it is a sign of addiction.

When the artist becomes dependent on these substances such that they need them to carry out normal functions, then there is trouble. A common issue is the inability of the artist to accept that they are now addicts and in need of help.

  • Physical Signs: Like with regular people, some of the signs of addiction are physical. Excessive weight gain/loss, bloodshot eyes, bad breath, slurred speech, shakes, etc., are some signs of addiction in an artist. Some other signs include insomnia and other mental health troubles.

An addicted artist may not be a failing artist. Some artists churn up epochal records despite facing addiction problems. It causes them to be uninterested in seeking help.

Some artists consider the excessive use of drugs and alcohol an attestation of their artistry.   

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